UAE Ministry of Community Development organises session on Emirati Women’s Day

UAE Ministry of Community Development organises dialogue session on Emirati Women’s Day.

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: The Ministry of Community Development has organised a dialogue session and other activities on the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 28th August under the theme “Inspiring Reality, Sustainable Future”.

The dialogue session was attended by Moza Al Akraf Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development, and a number of the ministry’s staff.

The session hosted a group of renowned Emirati women who spoke about how their professional roles integrate with the authentic values that the ministry seeks to consolidate among Emirati families and society based on the ministry’s vision of supporting a stable family and a cohesive community.

During the session, Amal Al Sahlawi, Emirati writer and poet, spoke about her writings, poems, her role in disseminating UAE’s deep-rooted values, and the point of view of contemporary women poetically and intellectually.

Alia Al Shamlan, Director and Founder of Furjan Dubai Initiative, spoke about her initiative and role in reviving values, promoting them among members of the Emirati community, and bracing the spirit of communication between neighbours and residents of the neighbourhood known as “Fereej” in Emirati dialect.

Wafa Al-Aufi, mother, employee and volunteer who is always present at all events, stressed her keenness to achieve excellence at work and reconcile her family, home and volunteer passion for serving her country.

Kulaithem Al-Matrooshi spoke about her journey and vision to support and empower women of determination, locally and internationally, as well as her activities and contributions to civil society and human rights entities, thus consolidating the spirit of giving to support and empower others.

At the end of the dialogue session, the speakers were honoured in appreciation of their personal, professional and national efforts and keenness to support the process of social development in the UAE.