Uzbekistan Advances Cyber Sports with New Arena in Jizzakh

Cyber Sports

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: In a significant move to promote cyber sports and multifaceted youth development, Uzbekistan has established a state-of-the-art cyber sports arena in the city of Jizzakh, as per a decision by the President of Uzbekistan on November 16, 2022.

The refurbished arena, situated on the site of a former tennis court building, boasts a main hall with a capacity for 1,200 spectators and features 12 training rooms, meeting facilities, a dormitory with 35 beds, and a cafeteria. This versatile facility is equipped to host a range of sports and intellectual competitions, including boxing, wrestling, basketball, table tennis, chess, checkers, and “Five Initiatives” events.

Moreover, the arena serves as an educational hub offering programs in computer literacy, foreign languages, graphic design, programming, robotics, and other fields through the IT academy within the complex. Plans are underway to implement the “Muhammad al-Khorazmi Successors” system to train specialists in these critical areas.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev personally observed cyber sports, chess, “Zakovat” intellectual games, and basketball competitions during his visit, engaging directly with young participants.

Speaking on the occasion, President Mirziyoyev emphasized the region’s economic progress and heightened creativity, attributing the most significant achievement to the proactive engagement, aspirations, and self-assurance of the youth. He expressed confidence in the region’s strategic objectives and underscored the pivotal role of motivated young individuals in achieving ambitious goals.

As part of the arena’s activities, plans include organizing friendly competitions and enabling tournament winners to participate in world championships. The President instructed officials to identify talented youth across various disciplines and provide them with opportunities to pursue professional sports and intellectual pursuits.

This initiative reflects Uzbekistan’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering technological literacy, and empowering the younger generation to excel in diverse fields, including sports, education, and innovation.