Uzbekistan and Malaysia to Co-Host Conference Celebrating Heritage of Islamic Civilization Scholars

Uzbekistan and Malaysia to Co-Host Conference Celebrating Heritage of Islamic Civilization Scholars

Kuala Lumpur, The Gulf Observer: The Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Karomiddin Gadoyev, recently convened a significant meeting with Fariza Sham, the Director of the Institute of Islamic Civilization at the National University of Malaysia, aiming to foster closer educational collaboration between the two nations.

During the meeting, the Malaysian delegation received comprehensive insights into the goals and priorities outlined in Uzbekistan’s ambitious 2030 Strategy. Fariza Sham expressed admiration for the substantial reforms underway in Uzbekistan’s education sector, noting significant advancements observed across various domains during her extensive visits to cities across the country.

The dialogue highlighted the commendable pace of cooperation between the Institute of Islamic Civilization in Malaysia and Uzbekistan’s research institutes. Notably, both parties emphasized the successful tradition of hosting annual conferences dedicated to the esteemed scholars of Islamic civilization. These conferences, conducted within the framework of memorandums of cooperation with Uzbekistan’s Center for Islamic Civilization, underscored the commitment to scholarly exchange and academic discourse.

As a result of the fruitful discussions, plans were solidified to organize the fourth workshop titled “The Contribution and Importance of Scientists of Islamic Civilization to the Development of Science” on May 30 of this year in Tashkent. Additionally, arrangements were made to facilitate the publication of articles authored by scholars and researchers from both Uzbekistan and Malaysia, further enhancing academic collaboration.

Furthermore, an agreement was reached to facilitate a visit to Uzbekistan from May 27 to June 5 by a distinguished Malaysian delegation, led by the Rector of the National University, Mohd Ekwan Toriman. This visit aims to deepen bilateral ties, exchange expertise, and explore opportunities for future collaboration in the field of education and research.

The meeting underscored the shared commitment of Uzbekistan and Malaysia to strengthening educational partnerships and fostering academic exchanges, reflecting a mutual dedication to advancing knowledge and innovation on a global scale.