Uzbekistan and South Korea Forge Strategic Partnership in Digital Transformation

Uzbekistan and South Korea

Seoul, The Gulf Observer: During an official visit to South Korea, Sherzod Shermatov, the Minister of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan, convened a crucial meeting with Hong Seok Hwa, the Vice-President of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), as reported by media sources.

The discussions between the two dignitaries yielded significant agreements aimed at enhancing the digital landscape and fostering cooperation between Uzbekistan and South Korea. Among the key outcomes of the meeting:

Skill Enhancement in Digital Transformation: Both parties resolved to elevate the proficiency of leading civil servants in Uzbekistan in the domain of digital transformation. This initiative seeks to empower officials with the requisite skills to navigate and spearhead digital initiatives effectively.

Boosting IT Service Export: Emphasis was placed on augmenting the export of IT services from Uzbekistan through the enhancement of digital education and the establishment of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) system. This concerted effort aims to leverage Uzbekistan’s technological capabilities for broader economic gains.

Aerospace Industry Development: A collaborative education and training system for the advancement of the aerospace industry in Uzbekistan was deliberated upon, underscoring the commitment to diversify and bolster the nation’s technological infrastructure.

KOICA Volunteer Involvement: Discussions included plans for involving KOICA volunteers in educational endeavors pertaining to ICT, further enriching the knowledge-sharing ecosystem and promoting cross-cultural exchanges.

In a pivotal move, a grant project titled “Program to increase the capacity of leading civil servants in the field of digital transformation in the Republic of Korea” was conceptualized and slated for implementation by KOICA in 2025. This initiative will afford 65 executives from Uzbekistan the opportunity to hone their skills in digital transformation within the Republic of Korea.

Additionally, within the framework of KOICA’s “World Friends KOICA Volunteer” program, Korean experts specializing in data science and computer education will contribute to mentoring activities under the “Muhammad al-Khorazmi Successors” program, further enriching Uzbekistan’s technological ecosystem.

Furthermore, plans were discussed regarding the grant project aimed at bolstering the export of IT services through digital education and BPO development, with intentions to include it in KOICA’s projects for 2026.

As part of this project, investments are earmarked for procuring ICT equipment essential for teaching computer literacy, programming, robotics, and English in Digital Education Centers across Uzbekistan. The initiative aims to benefit 16,000 students and develop 450 mentors, thereby catalyzing the growth of Uzbekistan’s digital economy and nurturing a skilled workforce poised for the demands of the future.

The collaborative efforts between Uzbekistan and South Korea underscore a shared commitment to harnessing digital technologies for socioeconomic advancement, laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership in the digital era.