Uzbekistan-China Trade, Economic, Investment, and Tourism Forum Promotes Bilateral Cooperation

Uzbekistan-China Trade

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing recently hosted the “Uzbekistan-China: Trade-Economic, Investment, and Tourism Forum” as part of a high-level delegation visit to China led by Ilzat Kasimov, Deputy Minister of Investments, Industry, and Trade of Uzbekistan, according to Uzbek media reports.

The forum provided a platform for participants to gain insights into Uzbekistan’s wide-ranging reforms across various sectors. A comprehensive presentation highlighted innovations in entrepreneurship, tourism potential, investment climate, and advantages for foreign investors in Uzbekistan.

Key information was presented on the trade, economic, investment, and tourism potential of Uzbekistan’s Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm, and Bukhara regions, showcasing diverse opportunities for collaboration.

The forum urged Chinese companies to capitalize on opportunities within Uzbekistan’s free economic and industrial zones, fostering mutual benefit and cooperation.

Addressing the attendees, Guan Peiyin, Secretary-General of the International Furniture and Building Materials Industry Committee of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, underscored the expanding cooperation between business communities of both countries. Chinese companies expressed keen interest in operating within Uzbekistan’s market.

The forum facilitated focused discussions leading to agreements on mutually beneficial projects across various sectors.

Yuan Lei, head of the Uzbekistan-China Cultural Center, shared positive sentiments about the event:

“I am delighted to participate in this event organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China. We discussed cooperation between China and Uzbekistan in investment, trade, and tourism. Today’s event yielded fruitful outcomes, and we learned about investment prospects in Uzbekistan. The effective reforms in Uzbekistan contribute to stability and market opportunities, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors.”

Highlighting Uzbekistan’s strategic role in Central Asia, Lei emphasized its significance as a bridge for Chinese exports to Europe. He also noted the country’s rich historical and cultural heritage, offering substantial tourism, educational, and cultural exchange opportunities.

Kun Xianyuan, a representative-designer from a Chinese textile company, shared his positive impressions:

“The China-Uzbekistan business forum was highly successful. We engaged in friendly discussions with representatives from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Bukhara, and Khorezm regions. Detailed presentations elucidated the investment process in Uzbekistan and highlighted favorable conditions for foreign investors. I am pleased with the comprehensive development of relations between Uzbekistan and China and my role in this process.”

The forum served as a catalyst for strengthening bilateral ties, fostering business collaborations, and enhancing economic engagement between Uzbekistan and China.