Valikhan Bakhretdinov of Ulan-gaiyr Dala Yeli Youth NGO Elected to European Steering Committee for Youth Bureau

Valikhan Bakhretdinov

Astana, The Gulf Observer: In a historic achievement, Valikhan Bakhretdinov, a representative of the Ulan-gaiyr Dala Yeli Youth NGO (Great Steppe), has been elected for the first time to the Bureaux of the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ), as reported by Kazakhstan media.

The European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) serves as a platform that unites representatives from ministries or departments overseeing youth matters across 50 state parties to the European Cultural Convention.

Valikhan Bakhretdinov, during his visit to Strasbourg, had a significant meeting with members of the Bureau of the European Steering Committee for Youth and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. The Chair of the CDEJ Bureau, Jorge Orlando Queiros, emphasized the growing closeness between Kazakhstani youth and Europe, marking a momentous occasion with the first visit of Great Steppe public association representatives to Strasbourg in 30 years of cooperation.

During the meeting, Bakhretdinov provided insights into Kazakhstan’s reforms in the realm of youth policy, particularly highlighting the impact of the recently adopted Law on Youth Policy and Social Development. In his presentation, Bakhretdinov presented a comprehensive report focusing on the state youth policy concept spanning from 2023 to 2029. He underlined a key aspect of the concept, which emphasizes the professional development of rural youth. This includes initiatives directed towards nurturing their potential through entrepreneurship and skill development.

Jorge Orlando Queiros commended the progressive steps taken by Kazakhstan in youth policy and expressed optimism about the increased collaboration between Kazakhstani youth and the European Committee. The election of Valikhan Bakhretdinov to the CDEJ Bureau is seen as a testament to Kazakhstan’s commitment to youth development and its active engagement on the international stage.

This landmark achievement not only recognizes the efforts of Ulan-gaiyr Dala Yeli Youth NGO but also signifies a strengthened bond between Kazakhstan and the European Steering Committee for Youth, fostering opportunities for collaborative initiatives in the youth sector.