Vietnam Tourism Forum Highlights Green Transformation for Sustainable Development

Vietnam Tourism Forum

Hanoi, The Gulf Observer: Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism, emphasized the significance of green tourism in preserving biodiversity, supporting tourism-dependent communities, and fostering economic growth during the Vietnam Tourism Forum on Friday.

Siêu underscored the pivotal role of Vietnam’s tourism sector, projected to contribute over 6.4% to the country’s GDP this year, highlighting the increasing popularity and importance of green tourism practices within the industry.

“Green tourism transcends beyond the color of leaves; it embodies a green mindset, lifestyle, conduct, and an overarching green culture,” stated Siêu.

Vũ Thế Bình, Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, highlighted the government’s commitment to green tourism through strategic legislation, such as Decision 82 outlining the national action plan for green growth (2021-2030). This plan prioritizes green tourism and sustainable tourism products, demonstrating Vietnam’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Bình also noted the government’s directive for tourism authorities to develop and implement the Action Plan for Green Tourism (2023-2025) and urged enterprises to embrace green practices to transform the industry towards environmental-friendly products and services.

Patrick Haverman, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Vietnam, emphasized the importance of effective destination management, plastic-free travel, and nature-based sustainable tourism. He commended initiatives in Vietnam to reduce plastic waste in tourism, citing examples from Hội An and Cô Tô.

Haverman stressed the role of green transportation in promoting sustainable tourism, advocating for flexible and eco-friendly transportation options for tourists.

Siêu highlighted the increasing preference for green tourism post-COVID-19, asserting that service providers must align with this growing demand.

Given the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, Siêu emphasized that green tourism is no longer an option but an imperative for Vietnam’s tourism industry. This commitment reflects Vietnam’s dedication to sustainable development and responsible tourism practices.