Vietnamese PM Chính Urges Vigilant Implementation of Nationwide Forests Fire Prevention Measures

Vietnamese PM Chính

Hanoi, The Gulf Observer: Vietnamese Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính has issued an official dispatch, calling upon ministries, sectors, and local authorities to sustain vigorous and effective measures for fire prevention and control across the nation, particularly amidst prevailing hot weather conditions.

In adherence to the directive, Chairpersons of People’s Committees at provincial and centrally-run city levels are tasked with directing all relevant agencies to uphold their responsibilities diligently in managing forest fire prevention and control. Special emphasis is placed on bolstering inspection and supervision efforts at all levels, recognizing this imperative as a continual and paramount endeavor.

The dispatch underscores the paramount importance of intensifying communication and education campaigns to bolster public consciousness and accountability regarding forest fire prevention and control. It stresses the necessity of stringent oversight and regulation of fire-related activities in and around forested areas, particularly highlighting practices such as slash-and-burn cultivation.

Furthermore, the dispatch underscores the necessity for proactive reassessment of forest fire prevention and control strategies at the local level, coupled with the allocation of requisite resources, including personnel, equipment, and funds, to fortify these efforts.

In concert with these directives, enhanced coordination among various stakeholders is emphasized, alongside comprehensive training initiatives aimed at equipping personnel with the necessary skills for forest fire prevention and management.

The dispatch unequivocally underscores the accountability of relevant authorities in promptly investigating and addressing any violations of forest fire prevention regulations, with stern measures to be taken against those found culpable. Conversely, commendations are to be extended to organizations and individuals actively engaged in forest fire prevention and control endeavors.

Specific ministerial mandates have been outlined, with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development entrusted with overseeing nationwide forecasting, warning, and organizational efforts for forest fire prevention and control. Concurrently, the Ministers of National Defence and Public Security are tasked with optimizing support and resource mobilization for firefighting endeavors in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment is directed to enhance forecasting and warning capabilities to provide timely and accurate information on weather patterns and extreme phenomena. Additionally, media agencies are urged to sustain their pivotal role in disseminating crucial information pertaining to forest protection and fire prevention.

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính’s dispatch underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding natural resources and ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens amidst the heightened risk of fire incidents. It stands as a clarion call for collective vigilance and concerted action in mitigating the threat posed by forest fires.