Vietnamese PM Commends Medical Workers and Stresses Safety Measures Ahead of Lunar New Year


Hanoi, The Gulf Observer: Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh conducted a visit on February 8 to express gratitude to medical professionals and extend Tet (Lunar New Year) wishes to patients at the Vietnam – Germany Friendship Hospital and the Central Pediatrics Hospital in Hanoi. The visit aimed to acknowledge the dedication of healthcare workers who continue to provide essential services, even as the Lunar New Year festivities approach.

Chinh praised the commitment of the medical staff, emphasizing their unwavering dedication during a time traditionally marked by family reunions. He commended the significant contributions of the health sector, particularly their pivotal role in the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

Expressing his appreciation for the healthcare workers’ efforts, Prime Minister Chinh conveyed his hope that they would persist in enhancing their expertise, ethical standards, engaging in scientific research, and fostering human resources training. The leader acknowledged the demanding nature of their profession and encouraged the continual pursuit of excellence.

During the visit, Prime Minister Chinh also took the opportunity to address safety concerns associated with the approaching Tet celebrations. He urged authorities and relevant forces to heighten vigilance in monitoring the use and transport of fireworks. Additionally, he emphasized the need to regulate the consumption of alcoholic beverages during commuting and underscored the importance of ensuring food hygiene and safety to prevent accidents.

As the Lunar New Year festivities approach, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s visit serves as a recognition of the healthcare workers’ commitment and dedication to public service, especially during critical times, and highlights the importance of safety measures for citizens celebrating the traditional holiday.