Vietnamese Science and Technology Sector Thrives in 2023

Vietnamese Science and Technology Sector Thrives in 2023

Hanoi, The Gulf Observer: The Vietnamese science and technology sector witnessed significant milestones in 2023, reflecting the nation’s commitment to innovation and advancement. Notable highlights include an impressive surge in the Global Innovation Index, active participation in global semiconductor technology development, the groundbreaking recognition of the first VinFuture award-winning scientist, and a burgeoning interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Vietnamese initiative to localize ChatGPT.

In October 2023, the Global Innovation Index revealed that Vietnam achieved a commendable increase of two places, climbing from 48th to 46th among 132 countries and economies. Notably, Vietnam secured the second position in the group of lower-middle-income countries, trailing only behind India. The Global Innovation Index assesses innovation performance against a backdrop of economic and geopolitical uncertainties, offering insights into the most innovative economies globally.

Comprising around 80 indicators, the index evaluates aspects such as the political environment, education, infrastructure, and knowledge creation of each economy. Vietnam’s rise in the rankings was particularly notable in the input index, covering human resources and research, infrastructure, market development level, and business development level.

Minister of Science and Technology, Huynh Thanh Dat, expressed that Vietnam’s innovation and startup ecosystem demonstrated positive growth trends. The country boasts 20 local innovation support centers, over 1,400 organizations equipped to support startups, and more than 170 universities actively organizing startup activities.

In tandem with these achievements, October 2023 marked the operational launch of the National Innovation Centre, designed to propel rapid, sustainable growth grounded in science, technology, and innovation. This initiative reflects Vietnam’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for innovation and technological advancements.

The year 2023 also witnessed Vietnam actively participating in the global race to develop semiconductor technology. Additionally, the prestigious VinFuture award recognized the nation’s first scientist, marking a significant achievement in the scientific community.

Vietnam’s burgeoning interest in Artificial Intelligence was evidenced by its ambition to localize ChatGPT, showcasing a commitment to harnessing advanced technologies for local needs.

As Vietnam continues to make strides in innovation, the nation positions itself as a key player in the global landscape, contributing to the collective pursuit of advancements in science and technology.