Wang Yi Calls for Strengthened China-UK Relations Amid Global Challenges

Wang Yi Calls for Strengthened China-UK Relations Amid Global Challenges

Munich, The Gulf Observer: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi underscored the importance of enhancing exchanges and cooperation between China and the United Kingdom while meeting with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

Minister Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, urged both nations to navigate differences and conflicts judiciously, fostering a return to the path of healthy and stable development for China-UK relations.

Against the backdrop of prevailing global challenges, such as the resurgence of Cold War mentalities, escalating protectionism, and sluggish economic recovery, Minister Wang emphasized the need for China and the UK, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, to reinforce strategic communication. He called for the nations to play their respective roles in promoting security and sustaining global peace.

“Amid the complexities of the international landscape, China and the UK should broaden the convergence of interests, strengthen cooperation, and address differences in a manner consistent with the fundamental and long-term interests of both countries,” remarked Minister Wang. “This aligns with the common expectations of the international community.”

Foreign Secretary David Cameron, reciprocating the sentiment, expressed the UK’s commitment to viewing the bilateral relationship with China from a strategic perspective. Cameron pledged to cultivate more constructive ties, managing differences and resolving problems through mutual respect.

Cameron affirmed the UK’s dedication to fostering cooperation in areas serving the shared interests of both nations, looking forward to enhanced dialogue with China on renewable energy, economy, trade, and education. He stressed the joint responsibility of both countries in safeguarding global peace and security.

Minister Wang, in conclusion, reiterated China’s commitment to true multilateralism and upholding the international system centered around the United Nations. He emphasized China’s adherence to the basic norms of international relations, as outlined in the UN Charter, and the international order grounded in international law.