West doesn’t care who it uses to fight Russia says Putin

west doesn't care

Moscow, The Gulf Observer: The West has chosen to ignore the Ukrainian authorities having fully embraced neo-Nazi ideology because it doesn’t care whom it is supporting in the fight against Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

Speaking during his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russia’s main legislative body, Putin said it was “shameful” to see how Ukrainian troops deployed against Russia are widely using chevrons and paraphernalia associated with units of Nazi Germany.

This means that they could use everybody, – and we have seen this happen – terrorists, neo-Nazis, even the Devil himself… The only condition is that they do their bidding.

Ukrainian “neo-Nazis do not make any secret of whose heirs they consider themselves,” he said. Putin went on to point out that “it is surprising that none of Western decision-makers see that. Why? Because… they don’t give a damn.” The West does not care whom it is counting on to fight Russia, the president said.

In particular, the Russian president was referring to a decree signed by Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky last week that awarded the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade the name ‘Edelweiss.’ The same moniker was used by Nazi Germany’s 1st Mountain Division, which was infamous for its numerous war crimes during WWII.