Western Azerbaijani Community Responds to EU Spokesman’s Statements

Baku, The Gulf Observer: In response to recent statements made by the European Union’s spokesman, Peter Stanon, during an interview with the Armenian service of “Azadlıq” Radio on April 6, 2024, the Western Azerbaijani Community has issued a firm response, as reported by Azerbaijani media.

The community’s statement addresses several key points raised by the EU official, particularly emphasizing the importance of territorial integrity and the conditions for the return of ethnic Armenians to Azerbaijan. The community raises critical questions regarding the EU’s stance on Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territories and the ongoing issues faced by displaced Azerbaijanis.

The statement highlights the prolonged silence of the EU regarding Armenia’s occupation of approximately 20% of Azerbaijani territories over three decades, as well as the continued occupation of eight Azerbaijani villages by Armenia. Additionally, the community calls attention to the plight of 300,000 Azerbaijanis expelled during ethnic cleansing in Armenia and the destruction of Azerbaijani cultural heritage within Armenia.

The community expresses concern over what they perceive as the EU’s selective approach to human rights and international law, accusing the EU of exploiting the situation to provoke tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. They assert that the rights of expelled Azerbaijanis from Armenia have been neglected and exploited over the years.

In light of these grievances, the Western Azerbaijani Community strongly rejects the EU’s perceived provocative approach and demands an end to such tactics. They advocate for a non-discriminatory approach to the return of displaced populations, emphasizing the urgency of prioritizing the return of Western Azerbaijanis who have awaited repatriation for more than three decades.

The statement underscores the community’s commitment to upholding principles of reciprocity and international law, urging sincere and equitable actions to address the longstanding humanitarian issues affecting Azerbaijan and its people.

For further updates and developments on this matter, the Western Azerbaijani Community stands firm in its commitment to advocate for the rights and interests of displaced Azerbaijanis and to seek redress for past injustices.