WGS 2024 Pre-Summit Day Starts in Dubai

WGS 2024 Pre-Summit Day Starts in Dubai

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: The pre-summit day of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024 commenced today in Dubai, setting the stage for the official opening tomorrow, running until February 14, under the overarching theme, “Shaping Future Governments.” This global platform attracts leaders, experts, futurists, decision-makers, and representatives of international organizations to engage in discussions on major global future trends.

The pre-summit day features key events, including the Arab Fiscal Forum and the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders, drawing participation from senior officials, thought leaders, and experts worldwide. Over 25 heads of state and government, 85 international and regional organizations, 120 government delegations, and numerous thought leaders and experts will partake in more than 110 main dialogue and interactive sessions.

The 8th Arab Fiscal Forum, organized by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Arab Monetary Fund and the International Monetary Fund, focuses on “Designing more efficient and equitable fiscal policies to address debt vulnerabilities and future fiscal challenges in a world of tighter financing constraints.” Ministers of Finance and Governors of Central Banks from Arab countries, along with representatives from the International Monetary Fund and the Arab Monetary Fund, will engage in discussions covering macroeconomic developments, energy subsidy reforms, social safety nets, and revenue generation through tax administration reforms.

Simultaneously, the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders showcases initiatives and experiences concerning youth empowerment, capacity building, and skill development in the Arab world. It emphasizes the role of values in promoting national identity among the youth, with a focus on social cohesion. The meeting gathers 15 Arab youth ministers, over 20 decision-makers, heads of youth institutions, and more than 100 young leaders. It features sessions on innovative Arab youth projects, a ministerial workshop on food and water security, and discussions on the progress of the Government Knowledge Exchange Programme.

The WGS 2024 will host 15 global forums, each concentrating on developing future strategies in vital sectors. Forums include the Global Health Forum, Government Services Forum, Arab Government Administration Forum, Knowledge Exchange Forum, Future of Transportation Forum, Public Finance Forum for Arab Countries, Future of Education Forum, Space Future Forum, Advanced Industry and Technology Forum, Artificial Intelligence Forum, Future of Work Forum, Emerging Economies Forum, Governance of Geotechnology Forum, Sustainable Development Goals Forum, and the Arab Meeting for Young Leaders.

As the summit progresses, these forums will pave the way for innovative solutions to global challenges and foster collaborative efforts towards shaping a progressive and sustainable future for governments worldwide.