Xi holds talks with Gabonese President

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held talks with President of the Gabonese Republic Ali Bongo Ondimba, who is on a state visit to China.

Both leaders have decided to elevate the comprehensive cooperative partnership between the two countries to a “comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.”

Calling President Bongo “an old friend” of the Chinese people, Xi said President Bongo’s visit fully demonstrates the importance and high level of China-Gabon relations.

Xi said that in recent years, under the leadership of President Bongo, Gabon has been exploring a development path tailored to its national conditions and pursuing national stability and economic diversification, with significant achievements being realized.

It has also been promoting the regional integration process and mediating hotspot issues in Africa, and its influence in the region and beyond has grown markedly, he said. As a sincere friend of Gabon, China wishes the country still greater progress in all its endeavors and early realization of its strategic goal toward an Emerging Gabon, he added.

Noting the 50th anniversary of China-Gabon diplomatic relations to be celebrated next year, he said that over the last half-century, thanks to the commitment and guidance of generations of leaders on both sides, the China-Gabon friendship has stayed rock-firm as ever.

As the world undergoes profound changes, China and Gabon have supported each other in advancing their shared interests and upholding international fairness and justice, he underscored.

He pointed out that the strong and sustained growth of the bilateral ties serves the shared long-term interests of both countries and has an exemplary role to play in building a community with a shared future for mankind.