Xi opens Hangzhou Asian Games

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday extended a warm welcome to guests when addressing a welcoming banquet ahead of the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

Here are the highlights of his remarks:

The cauldron for the Asian Games will be lit again in China on the Autumn Equinox, a day symbolizing harvest and reunion in Chinese culture.

China has fulfilled its promise and spared no efforts in advancing the preparation for the 19th Asian Games.

China will deliver a great event that is distinctly Chinese, uniquely Asian and spectacular.

The Asian Games carries Asian people’s aspirations for peace, solidarity and inclusiveness.

Asia has maintained overall stability and rapid and sustained economic growth over the past decades. The Asian Games has been a witness, participant and contributor of this Asian Miracle.

Xi called for efforts to promote peace through sports and make Asia an anchor for world peace. Asian countries should adhere to good neighborliness and mutual benefit, and reject the Cold War mentality and camp-based confrontation.

The 19th Asian Games sets records in athletes participation and the number of events. This demonstrates Asian people’s great anticipation and firm support for the Games.

Xi called for promoting solidarity through sports. As humanity is faced with unprecedented global challenges, Asian people must seize historic opportunities and work together to tackle these challenges.

Xi stressed efforts to promote inclusiveness through sports, enhance confidence in Asian civilizations, uphold communication and mutual learning, and add new glory to Asian civilizations.

Xi wished guests at the 19th Asian Games an unforgettable time in Zhejiang province and a fond memory of the Games.

Hangzhou, the host city of the 19th Asian Games, was once hailed by Italian traveler Marco Polo as “the City of Heaven, the most beautiful and magnificent in the world.”

Zhejiang has advanced reform and opening-up, and achieved notable progress in pursuing high-quality development. Zhejiang is building a demonstration zone for achieving common prosperity and is a pacesetter in advancing Chinese modernization.