2024 crucial time for politics, says President Jokowi

2024 crucial time for politics, says President Jokowi

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reminded that 2024 is a crucial time for politics since during that time, Indonesia would host the largest democratic party simultaneously.

The head of state made the remarks at the national consolidation meeting for preparations for the 2024 simultaneous elections, hosted by the General Election Commission at the Beach City Entertainment Center, Ancol, here on Friday.

“2024 is a crucial political moment. We will host the biggest democratic party simultaneously in the same year. Elections for President and Vice President, House of Representatives, Regional Representative Council, Regional House of Representatives, and continued with Pilkada which will be held in the same year, namely 2024,” he stated.

Jokowi emphasized that the 2024 Election was a huge event that would determine the future of the nation and state and was a democratic party involving a lot of voters.

According to the latest data, 189 million people were recorded as voters, who would participate in the 2024 simultaneous elections, with a voting time of around six hours.

“Managing this is not easy, given the vast territory of Indonesia, with diverse geographical conditions, different from other countries. Imagine having to go to 17 thousand islands, some are by boat, ship, while some of the logistics distribution must be supported by the national defense force and police force, and the terrain is difficult,” he stated.

The head of state admitted that the national infrastructure was not truly perfect. There are good roads upon which toll roads have been built, but there are also roads that are still in poor condition.

However, Jokowi expressed confidence that with experience in hosting elections, the commission and its stakeholders can prepare for the 2024 elections much better than before.