New Flight Route Connects Chelyabinsk and Baku: IrAero Launches Direct Flights


Baku, The Gulf Observer: Starting today, travelers from Chelyabinsk, Russia, have a new convenient option to explore the vibrant capital of Azerbaijan as IrAero inaugurates direct flights on the Chelyabinsk-Baku-Chelyabinsk route.

As reported by media sources, the flights are scheduled to operate every Wednesday, providing passengers with regular and accessible air travel between the two cities.

Passengers departing from Chelyabinsk will embark on their journey to Baku at 18:00 local time, arriving in the Azerbaijani capital at 20:00. The flight duration is approximately 3 hours, with flights being conducted utilizing modern “Superjet 100” aircraft, ensuring comfort and efficiency for travelers.

According to the flight schedule, the return leg from Baku to Chelyabinsk is scheduled for the following day, departing at 13:00 local time and touching down in Chelyabinsk at 16:50.

The introduction of this new route underscores the growing interest in Azerbaijan as a travel destination. Inna Loboda, president of the Association of Chelyabinsk Tourism Organizations, highlighted the allure of Azerbaijan, citing its appeal as a seaside resort destination and its abundance of diverse excursion programs. Additionally, Azerbaijan’s renowned gastronomy and burgeoning health tourism sector further enhance its attractiveness to travelers.

Russian federal tour operators have wasted no time in capitalizing on this new air link, with reports indicating that package tours to Azerbaijan originating from Chelyabinsk are already being offered.

With the launch of direct flights between Chelyabinsk and Baku, travelers have more opportunities to explore the rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and warm hospitality that Azerbaijan has to offer.