President Tokayev visits Anaga Tagzym Center in Kyzylorda

President Tokayev visits Anaga tagzym center in Kyzylorda

Astana, The Gulf Observer: President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visited the newly opened center Anaga tagzym in Kyzylorda, according to the reports of Akorda.

The center which cost KZT1.7bn was built at the expense of sponsors. Its objective is to preserve the national values, revive the traditional culture, ensure the continuity of generations, promoting female labor, and preparing girls for family life.

The President attended the exhibition of the handcrafts made by the center’s masters. Tokayev was presented the Ult zhakuty club, Miras grandmothers’ club, Zhas otau school, Shamshyrak photo and video studio, as well as a psychologist and mediator’s office.

The Kazakh Head of State pointed out the importance of such an organization in youth upbringing.

Indeed, it is a very important work. We need to promote among the youth the national traditions, way of life, language, and attitudes. We can see negative tendencies taking place around the world as well as in our country. We need to resist them and preserve our national conscience, said Tokayev.