Saudi Arabia Condemns Israeli Actions in Rafah

Saudi Arabia Condemns Israeli Actions in Rafah

Riyadh, The Gulf Observer: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday condemned the ongoing actions of Israeli forces, describing them as “genocidal massacres against the Palestinian people without deterrence,” following the targeting of tents housing defenseless Palestinian refugees in Rafah.

In a statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom held Israeli authorities fully responsible for the events unfolding in Rafah and the broader occupied Palestinian territories.

The condemnation came in response to reports from Gaza health authorities that Israeli tank shelling had killed at least 21 people in a tent camp west of Rafah, an area designated by Israel as a civilian evacuation zone. Israel’s military, however, denied carrying out strikes in that location.

This escalation occurred despite an appeal from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), as Israeli tanks advanced into the heart of Rafah following a night of heavy bombardment. The developments coincided with Spain, Ireland, and Norway officially recognizing a Palestinian state, further isolating Israel on the international stage.

Saudi Arabia reiterated that the actions of Israeli forces constitute a blatant violation of international and humanitarian laws and norms. The statement emphasized that the continued silence of the international community exacerbates the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe facing Palestinians and undermines the credibility of international legal institutions.

“The Kingdom stresses the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities to stop the massacres against the Palestinian people and hold those responsible accountable,” the statement concluded.