More than 10,000 military members to be involved in funeral

London, The Gulf Observer: A huge number of military members will be taking part in the Queen’s funeral tomorrow.

The Chief of the Defence Staff told the BBC:

“It’s enormous, it’s actually over 10,000 people in terms of both our soldiers, sailors and aviators, there will be about 6,000 as part of the procession and lining the route, both in London and Windsor.”

But it’s an enormous support effort as well, the planning has been going on for a very long time and we have the plans and now we have to execute them and there’s lots of brilliant people that are enabling that and it’s coming together as well.

“So the army the Royal Navy, the Air Force, but also our civil servants, and we’re helping other people in London, the emergency services, some of the volunteers as well, and so that this is a sombre occasion, but it’s done with the utmost respect and also affection.”

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said there is a level of “apprehension” due to the enormity of the service but that it had been planned for a “long time”.