Queen’s coffin is lowered in St George’s Chapel

Queen's coffin is lowered in St George's Chapel.

London, The Gulf Observer: Her Majesty’s casket is being lowered into the Royal Vault in St George’s Chapel, where it will lie with Prince Philip ahead of their burial tonight.

As it does, the Dean of Windsor reads the Psalm 103. 13-17.

He says: “Like as a father pitieth his own children: even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear him.

“For he knoweth whereof we are made: he remembereth that we are but dust.

“The days of man are but as grass: for he flourisheth as a flower of the field.

“For as soon as the wind goeth over it, it is gone: and the place thereof shall know it no more.

“But the merciful goodness of the Lord endureth for ever and ever upon them that fear him: and his righteousness upon children’s children.”