Bahasa Indonesia and its Global Importance

Indonesia’s economy is known for its diverse Industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services, and it has a large and growing population, which contributes to its economic significance to make a remarkable role in the affairs of region and around the globe. It means that learning Indonesian, also known as Bahasa Indonesia, is becoming more important.


Bahasa Indonesia is primarily derived from the Austronesian language family. It is part of the Malay-Polynesian subgroup within the Austronesian family and is closely related to Malay, which serves as its basis. The second most spoken language in the Indonesian archipelago is Javanese.

Indonesians speak a variety of indigenous languages at home, the official language for formal education, governance, judiciary, administration, national mass media and several forms of communication is Bahasa Indonesia.

The Indonesian language is an interesting mix of several languages, which built up its extensive lexicon, which in itself is fascinating

During the period under the Dutch, the Latin alphabet was used for written texts. Dutch spellings were implemented.

When the people started the independence movement in the 1930s, the language was standardized and given the name Bahasa Indonesia.

So, the Indonesian language is a true language that many believe was developed due to their desire for independence. It received several foreign lexicons, from the various countries that colonized the land, including Arabic, English and Dutch.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia

It is often said that learning a language enriches your view of the world and embracing a country’s culture can open many doors for various opportunities. There is always a challenge when you learn a new language but it is always to your advantage when you have mastered a foreign language considering the global scenario today.

You cannot assume that your business counterpart in Indonesia can speak English. It is more polite to deal with them in their own language, thus learning it is a step in that direction. You will gain their respect and you’ll have more opportunities and chances to have an advantage over your competition. Indonesians are traditionalists and conservative and learning the language means learning about their culture and traditions as well.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language in the entire country and knowing how to speak it will allow you to communicate wherever you go in Indonesia. If you’re a tourist going to Bali and other exotic destinations in the archipelago, it will be a great help if you know the language. English may be spoken in major cities but if you want to tour the outskirts, you’ll fare better if you speak Bahasa Indonesia. You’ll be able to communicate with the locals and avoid shams and misunderstandings.

The economy of Indonesia is growing steadily. With the increasing interest of western nations to expand into Asia, Indonesia offers plenty of opportunities for business and trade. Right now many foreigners consider dealing with or partnering with Indonesian businesses. Knowing the local language is vital if you want to move and work in Indonesia.

Learning the language opens the door to a rich, fascinating and intriguing culture. You will understand the history of one of Indonesia’s most famous exports, batik cloths. If you are dealing with coffee, know that Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest coffee producer. It exports Arabica and Robusta coffees.

You will have more influence if you speak Indonesia and working in the import/export industry. Indonesia is a rich source of various agricultural products such as corn, rice, cassava, peanuts and soybeans. It is also one of the largest exporters of spices, cocoa, palm oil, palm kernels, copra and rubber.

Global Importance

Following are the reasons that lead Bahasa Indonesia’s global importance:

  1. Indonesia is a key player in the global economy. Learning Bahasa Indonesia can be beneficial for business and trade, as Indonesia has valuable resources and a growing market.
  2. Understanding Bahasa Indonesia boosts cultural exchange. It allows for a deeper appreciation of Indonesia’s rich culture, arts, and traditions.
  3. Indonesia is a popular tourist destination with its stunning landscapes and unique culture. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia enhances the travel experience.
  4. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia can be an asset in diplomacy and international relations, especially in dealings with Indonesia and its neighboring countries.
  5. Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, with over 273 million people. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language, serving as a unifying factor among the diverse ethnic groups.