Indonesia invites European countries to cooperate in green economy sector

Indonesia invites European countries to cooperate in green economy sector

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pahala Nugraha Mansury, has invited European countries to cooperate in the green economy sector to support energy transition programs and achieve the targets of lowering carbon emissions.

“I believe that Indonesia and Europe share the same view on how to advance energy transition and the green economy. We also see plenty of opportunities to cooperate in the blue economy sector in certain regions and countries,” he said.

Mansury made the statement in his opening speech during the 2023 Indonesia-Europe Business Forum (IEBF) in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The Indonesian government has been promoting the adoption of new economies with the objective of helping the country succeed in switching to renewable energy, developing more vaccines, and creating a suitable ecosystem for electric vehicles, he said.

“By implementing programs aimed at developing new economies, especially the green economy, Indonesia seeks to enhance its capacity not only in the use of renewable energy, but also in the development of vaccines and creation of an ecosystem for electric vehicles,” he said.

Furthermore, he highlighted Indonesia’s vision of establishing a cluster of green industries to connect new and renewable energy resources.

Indonesia is also seeking to develop eco-friendly infrastructure across the country, such as ports and airports that are friendly toward the environment, he added.

The deputy minister further noted that the Indonesian government has made energy transition one of its priorities, adding that Indonesia is striving to lower carbon emissions by 32 percent through unilateral measures by 2030 and by 43 percent in collaboration with international parties.

He said that Indonesia is optimistic of achieving the net-zero emissions target earlier than 2060.

To that end, he said, the Indonesian government has invited European business actors to establish cooperation in developing an ecosystem for the production of electric vehicle batteries and developing alternative energy resources, such as biofuel and green hydrogen.

He then expressed the hope that by hosting the 2023 IEBF, Indonesia would succeed in enhancing its partnership with European countries in the fields of trade, investment, and health.

In that context, he called for more Indonesian health workers to seek work in Europe, while inviting European companies to invest in the health sector in Indonesia, particularly by collaborating in developing health technology and building a center for vaccine production.

The 2023 IEBF, which was attended by at least 300 participants, aimed to be a platform for Indonesia and European countries to solidify their business partnerships with the objective of boosting the value of trade and investment, exploring cooperation opportunities, and strengthening business collaboration.

At the forum, participants focused on exploring cooperation opportunities in five priority sectors, namely health infrastructure, machine and electronics, creative industry, energy transition, and digital economy.