Omani student invents a robot to extinguish fires automatically

Omani student invents a robot to extinguish fires automatically

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Muscat, The Gulf Observer: An Omani student from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Shinas in North Al Batinah Governorate succeeded in creating a robot that extinguishes fires automatically, according to the Omani media reports.

Student Khalid bin Mohammed Al Kamzari from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Shinas, majoring in electrical engineering, succeeded in creating an automatic fire-extinguishing robot that can be controlled remotely, with several innovative features in the components of the robot, which he named: Fire Robot.

Al Kamzari said that the idea of ​​innovation is of a fire-extinguishing robot made of heat-insulating materials, capable of automatically determining the location of the fire, and equipped with sensors capable of sensing the fire and using the extinguishing agent with carbon dioxide gas, capable of extinguishing almost all types of fires, by connecting the flame sensor and the smoke sensor. The infrared sensor signals are sent to the Arduino, which in turn sends signals to the gas cylinder connected to the servo motor to release carbon dioxide gas. Once it receives the fire signal, it finally sends an SMS to the cell phone.

Al Kamzari explained that the robot is distinguished by locating the location of the fire without human intervention and saving the lives of firefighters. The robot has a dual operating mode, one of which is a fully automatic mode using a 5-channel flame sensor and the other is a manual mode using Bluetooth.

Al Kamzari pointed out that the fire extinguisher robot went through several stages of converting the idea into an implementation plan, installing the robot’s components, and experiments that contributed to its development. The experimental results showed that the robot can accurately sense smoke and fire in a short time, and the robot can be controlled to a maximum distance of 10 meters via Bluetooth, in addition to the fire detection range which is 50 centimetres.

“The fire extinguisher robot is capable of extinguishing fires that can occur in homes, in industry, in oil refineries and gas tanks, especially in confined spaces. It works inside and outside buildings and has sufficient capacity to extinguish fires because it contains three carbon dioxide gas cylinders—high capacity with automatic degassing system. A series of other safety information sensors are used such as gas sensors, rain sensors, collision sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors. ” Al Kamzari added.

Al Kamzari participated with his innovation in a number of local exhibitions held by educational and academic institutions in the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to international participations, the most recent of which was the International Scientific Forum in Mexico, where the robot was displayed within 195 innovation projects from participating countries.

Khaled Al Kamzari hopes that this innovation will find support and marketing, as it can save human lives and property, and can be used in restaurants, home kitchens, government and private buildings, oil and gas institutions, shopping centers, hospitals, airports and other public places.