TNI to be wise in modernization of weapon system equipment: Jokowi

TNI to be wise in modernization of weapon system equipment: Jokowi

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: President Joko Widodo reminded the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) to be wise in the modernization of their main weapon system equipment.

He emphasized that the modernization of the equpment is very necessary. However, related parties should additionally take into account the limited state budget that is also used to meet the public’s needs.

“Spending on defense equipment must be done wisely, both in terms of method and use,” Widodo remarked at TNI’s 78th Anniversary Ceremony in the National Monument square, Jakarta, on Thursday.

According to him, the modernization of defense equipment is an important part of the development of investment in the domestic defense industry. Thus, development must be able to encourage technology transfer, increase capabilities of human resources, and prioritize the use of domestic products.

“Therefore, I want the budget — which is difficult to collect and obtain and also came from the people — to be spent as wisely as possible. It must also return to the people for their benefit,” Jokowi, as the president is known, emphasized.

Earlier, he announced a budget allocation of Rp39.47 trillion for the modernization of defense equipment in 2024. The budget is already included in the Defense Ministry’s spending list.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry’s expenditure allocation based on programs reached Rp135.44 trillion in the 2024 State Budget Draft (RAPBN), he stated.

“The government also continues to encourage the progress of the defense and security industry to be independent with support from the state budget. The fund from the state budget will be used to fulfill the need for defense equipment in stages with support from the domestic defense industry to meet the minimum basic strength,” the president remarked during his speech at the 2024 state budget draft and financial note in Jakarta, last August.