Hamburg airport closed over ‘hostage situation’

Hamburg airport closed over 'hostage situation'

Hamburg, The Gulf Observer: Hamburg airport in Germany has closed after an armed man rammed a vehicle through a security gate.

The man broke through a gate in Hamburg airport with his vehicle and fired twice into the air with a weapon, a police spokesperson said.

No one appeared to be injured, but there were no further take-offs or landings on Saturday.

The airport has announced flights will remain suspended indefinitely – and passengers have been urged not to travel to the airport.

After firing the shots, the man threw two burning bottles out of the vehicle, the spokesperson added.

They also said a child was in the car.

Hamburg police posted on X: “The car is still on the apron of Hamburg airport. We are currently assuming a custody dispute is the background to the operation.

“The LKA negotiating group and psychologists are on site. There is contact with the person in the vehicle.”

Thy had earlier said there was a “major police operation” at the airport “with a large contingent of emergency services”.

“We are currently assuming a static hostage situation.”

Police said the man’s wife had previously contacted them about a possible child abduction, local media reported.

A spokesperson for the airport said at least 27 flights had been affected.