Rivalries at global level are natural, must not disrupt stability: Jokowi

Rivalries at global level are natural, must not disrupt stability: Jokowi

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has emphasized that rivalries at the global level are natural, but they must be managed effectively to prevent open conflict and maintain regional stability.

“For Indonesia, competitions and rivalries are natural. US and China competition, east and west competition, that is natural and normal. The existence of differences is normal, but most importantly, they must be managed well so as not to cause open conflict, which could trigger regional instability,” he stated.

Jokowi made this statement during a public lecture at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., the United States, on Monday local time, as shown in a video uploaded by the Presidential Secretariat on YouTube on Tuesday.

He emphasized that communication, room for dialogue, collaboration, and cooperation are key to achieving regional and global stability and peace.

He affirmed that Indonesia is always open to cooperating with any country, emphasizing that Indonesia does not take sides with any power and is committed to peace and humanity.

“That is the principle we brought to Indonesia’s G20 and ASEAN chairmanships, which were conducted out in a world divided by intense rivalries and heated geopolitics,” Jokowi said.

He also stated that listening and taking on the role of a bridge over global problems were key to Indonesia’s success in hosting the G20 Summit and the ASEAN Summit.

Jokowi explained that Indonesia, with more than 17,000 islands and two-thirds of its territory being water, has a population currently approaching 300 million.

Furthermore, Indonesia has 714 ethnic groups and more than 1,100 local languages, he added.

He noted that as the world’s third-largest democracy, Indonesia will hold elections next year.

“Elections for president and legislature or parliament will be held in February, followed by elections for governors, district heads, and mayors in November,” he said.

Jokowi emphasized that Indonesia is a country united by diversity. For Indonesia, difference and diversity are gifts.

“In managing its diversity, Indonesia has a guide, an ideology, namely Pancasila, unity in diversity, which inspires every aspect of life, including state life,” he remarked.