The “Spears of Victory 2022” joint exercise continued in Eastern Saudi Arabia with the participation of several countries

Several countries participate in ‘Spears of Victory 2022’ exercise in eastern Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, TGO: The “Spears of Victory 2022” joint exercise continued at the Air War Center in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Sector, with the participation of a number of countries, the Kingdom defense ministry said on Thursday.

The exercise was held in the presence of the commanders of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces, Royal Saudi Air Force, US Air Forces Central, and the Royal Bahraini Air Force, with wide participation from all branches of the Saudi armed forces, the Ministry of National Guard, and the Presidency of State Security.

The participants demonstrated a high level of readiness and coordination in planning, preparation and implementation, which contributes to strengthening joint work, the ministry said.

Lt. Gen. Turki bin Bandar, commander of the RSAF, said many countries were taking part in this edition, some as participants, and others as observers, with air forces from a number of countries, including the US, Bahrain, and Pakistan.
“Through this exercise, the RSAF is working to raise its combat capabilities and the level of joint work with the branches of the armed forces,” he added.

The exercise, which will continue for 10 days, consists of many stages, starting with the arrival of aircraft to King Abdulaziz Air Base, and involves several lectures and workshops for all air and technical crews.

It aims to strengthen relations with all participating countries and raise the level of combat capability, the ministry said.