We are well ahead in elections: Erdogan

We are well ahead in elections: Erdogan

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Final results are coming in as more than 98 percent of the votes have been counted thus far. Erdogan current share of the votes stands at 49.34 percent while Kilicdaroglu’s share stands at 44.99 percent.

The polls opened at 8:00 AM (0500 GMT) and closed at 5:00 PM (1400 GMT). Media organisations were barred from reporting partial results until an embargo was lifted at 6:30 PM (1530 GMT) by The Supreme Election Council (YSK).

If no candidate secures more than half the votes in the first round of voting, a May 28 run-off will be held.

A total of 191,885 ballot boxes have been set up for voters in the country.

There are five multiparty blocs in the running: the People’s Alliance, Nation Alliance, Ata Alliance, Labour and Freedom Alliance, and Union of Socialist Power Alliance.