Xi, Belgian PM in Beijing, Pledging to Strengthen Bilateral Relations

Xi, Belgian PM in Beijing, Pledging to Strengthen Bilateral Relations

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese President Xi Jinping held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, in Beijing on Friday. President Xi underscored China’s commitment to the development of bilateral relations with Belgium, emphasizing the positive outcomes achieved over the 53 years of diplomatic ties.

Recognizing both countries as beneficiaries of economic globalization, President Xi highlighted their shared interests in resisting protectionism and upholding free trade. He commended Prime Minister De Croo’s stance against decoupling industrial and supply chains and welcomed Belgian investments in China.

President Xi proposed collaboration in traditional sectors like transportation and biopharmaceuticals, as well as exploring new areas such as green development and the digital economy.

He encouraged increased exchanges at various levels, including government departments, legislatures, and sub-national areas, fostering tourism, student exchanges, cultural activities, and joint efforts in giant panda protection.

President Xi expressed China’s willingness to enhance communication with Belgium within multilateral frameworks, addressing issues like climate change and biodiversity protection.

Stressing China’s consistent policy towards Europe, he hoped for Europe to play a positive role in a multipolar world amid the changing international landscape. President Xi emphasized the need for China and Europe to construct more “bridges” in the face of global uncertainties.

President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of closer collaboration between China and Belgium in promoting global multipolarity characterized by equality and orderliness, along with fostering economic globalization that benefits all. He underscored the shared responsibility of working towards world peace, stability, and prosperity. President Xi expressed China’s willingness to cooperate with the European Union (EU) in advancing China-EU relations in the coming year, hoping that Belgium, as the EU rotating presidency, would play a positive role in this endeavor.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo acknowledged the pivotal role of the Belgium-China relationship within Europe and affirmed Belgium’s commitment to the one-China policy.