Palestine’s Sovereign State Status Beyond Doubt, Affirms Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry Official

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: In a resolute statement, Amrih Jinangkung, Director General of Legal and International Agreement at the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, unequivocally asserted that Palestine’s status as a sovereign state on the international stage remains indisputable. Despite ongoing encroachments by Israel on Palestinian territories, Jinangkung emphasized that Palestine fulfills the fundamental criteria outlined in the Montevideo Convention, thus solidifying its sovereign statehood.

“From a legal and international law perspective, even amidst current challenges, Palestine unequivocally maintains its status as a sovereign state,” Jinangkung affirmed during an online discussion hosted by the Law Faculty of Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University.

Jinangkung reiterated that adherence to the four principles stipulated in the Montevideo Convention—permanent population, defined territory, government, and capacity to enter into relations with other states—confirms Palestine’s rightful standing as a state entity.

During the discussion, Jinangkung underscored the imperative for concerted efforts to actualize a clearly delineated Palestinian territory, emancipated from foreign occupation. He stressed the necessity of fostering a cohesive and unified Palestinian government, cautioning against the potential detrimental impacts of internal factional divisions on governance efficacy.

Highlighting the pivotal role of these measures in resolving the protracted Israel-Palestine conflict, Jinangkung emphasized their significance in fortifying Palestine’s identity as an independent and sovereign state. However, he cautioned that sustained commitment from all stakeholders is imperative, given the multifaceted challenges posed by external and internal dynamics.

Addressing Palestine’s pursuit of full membership in the United Nations (UN), Jinangkung outlined the procedural pathway, emphasizing that such status could be attained through UN Security Council recommendation and endorsement by two-thirds of UN General Assembly members. Importantly, Jinangkung dismissed concerns over potential impediments, asserting that the United States’ veto would not negate Palestine’s international recognition.

“The outcome of voting procedures does not impinge upon the UN’s recognition of Palestine, which remains acknowledged as an observer state with immutable ‘state’ status,” Jinangkung elucidated.

As Palestine navigates its path towards fuller international recognition, Jinangkung’s remarks serve as a reaffirmation of the enduring legitimacy of Palestine’s statehood, underscoring the unwavering commitment to its sovereign aspirations on the global stage.