Satellite images show 40-mile-long Russian convoy closing in on Kyiv

A satellite image of the convoy near Kyiv, which stretches from near Antonov Airport in the south to the northern end of the convoy near Prybirs'k on Feb. 28. Photo: Maxar Technologies

Kyiv, TGO: New satellite images show a massive convoy of Russian military vehicles heading toward Kyiv is more than twice as long as analysts previously estimated it to be.

Analysts originally believed the procession of invading vehicles spanned 17 miles. They now estimate it’s closer to 40 miles long, stretching from near Ukraine’s Antonov Airport in the south and north to near the tiny town of Prybirs’k, according to satellite imaging firm Maxar Technologies.

The advance of a miles-long armored convoy to within 17 miles of Kyiv on Monday, as well as heavy shelling of Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv, may herald a new phase of the fighting after five days of stiff Ukrainian resistance.

The massive convoy which by one estimate stretches over 40 miles and is comprised of hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, towed artillery and logistics support vehicles continues to move toward Kyiv from the north, according to satellite imagery from Maxar.