Türkiye “crossed out” Netanyahu, will take Israel’s war crimes to ICC: Erdogan

Türkiye "crossed out" Netanyahu, will take Israel's war crimes to ICC: Erdogan

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Türkiye has “crossed out” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and will do everything to bring Israel’s violation of human rights and war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC), President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.

The embattled premier “is no longer someone we can talk to, we have crossed him out,” Erdogan told reporters aboard the presidential plane returning from Kazakhstan, where he attended the Organization of Turkic States summit.

He said that Netanyahu has lost support of Israeli citizens and he wants to garner support for massacres through religious rhetoric.

Erdogan also said Ankara “is ready to act as a guarantor country for Gaza”, reiterating Türkiye’s support for Palestinians in Gaza people amid Israel’s ongoing aggression.