Turkmenistan celebrates 32nd Independence Day

Turkmenistan celebrates 32nd Independence Day

Ashgabat, The Gulf Observer: Turkmenistan solemnly celebrates the 32nd anniversary of its independence on Wednesday.

The commemorative events started with a solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the Monument of Independence in Ashgabat, with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the country’s official media reports.

Heads and representatives of the government, parliament, public organizations, political parties, elders, heads of diplomatic missions in Ashgabat, and foreign guests also attended the ceremony.

Then, a military parade to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the country’s independence was held in front of the State Tribune.

President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov, in his congratulatory address to the Turkmen people, said, “In the era of the Renaissance of a new era of a powerful state, I wish our courageous people, who set great goals, good health, long life, happiness and prosperity!”

On the occasion of Turkmenistan’s Independence Day, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov received congratulatory messages from the Presidents of Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Iran and Germany, the Kings of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and the Netherlands.