Turkmenistan Hosts International Investment Forum for Energy Sector (TEIF-2024)


Ashgabat, The Gulf Observer: Turkmenistan is gearing up to host the highly anticipated international forum, the Turkmenistan Energy Investment Forum (TEIF-2024), scheduled to take place in Paris on April 24-25, 2024. This event will serve as a strategic platform aimed at attracting foreign investments into Turkmenistan’s burgeoning energy sector.

A diverse array of over a dozen companies and individual enterprises from Turkmenistan’s non-state economy will be participating in TEIF-2024. These entities represent various sectors, including construction, engineering, logistics, energy, oil and gas, import-export, and transportation services. Notable participants include Inžener çözgütleri, a leading construction and engineering firm specializing in oil and gas projects, Eminli Maslahat, a provider of comprehensive transport and logistics services, Garagum Hazynasy, offering services in oil and gas, energy, and transportation, and Meşhur ýol, specializing in transport-expedition and brokerage services.

The forum aims to facilitate discussions on potential future collaborations related to oil and gas exploration, transportation, processing, renewable energy development, and overall sustainable growth within Turkmenistan’s energy sector.

Key stakeholders from Turkmenistan’s National Organizations and Ministries will be in attendance, including Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) State Concern, Turkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) State Concern, Türkmengeologiýa (Turkmen Geology) State Corporation, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries, Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmen Chemicals) State Concern, Ministry of Energy, and NAPECO, among others. These organizations will present potential investment opportunities and provide comprehensive information to prospective investors during the forum.

In addition to local participants, TEIF-2024 will be attended by diplomatic missions, international organizations, financial institutions, universities, research centers, and media representatives. The forum promises to be a pivotal event, fostering strategic partnerships and advancing investment opportunities within Turkmenistan’s dynamic energy sector.