Chinese FM holds talks with members of U.S. strategic community

Chinese FM holds talks with members of U.S. strategic community

Washington, The Gulf Observer: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with members of the U.S. strategic community in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

Wang Yi said that during his visit to the United States, China and the U.S. conducted in-depth, constructive, and substantive strategic communications on many issues of common concern with an attitude of equality and mutual respect.

He said both sides jointly sent out a positive signal of stabilizing and improving China-U.S. relations.

Despite various differences between the two countries and many issues that still need to be resolved, he said, both sides believe that it is beneficial and necessary for the two major countries to maintain dialogue.

Both sides have agreed to make joint efforts for a meeting between the two heads of state in San Francisco. At the same time, Wang Yi said, the “road to San Francisco” will not be a smooth road and cannot rely on “automatic driving.” To this end, the two sides should earnestly “return to Bali,” truly implement the consensus of the two heads of state, eliminate interference, overcome obstacles, enhance consensus, and accumulate results.

The discussion with Wang Yi was hosted by the Aspen Security Group. Wang Yi appreciated the participants’ commitment to the development of China-U.S. relations. He welcomed them to visit China more often and encouraged them to continue to play a constructive role in enhancing understanding of China by all walks of life in the United States. He also urged them to contribute more wisdom to the sound, stable and sustainable development of China-U.S. relations.

The participants said a stable U.S.-China relationship is in the interests of both sides. U.S.-China cooperation will continue to play a key role in resolving international and regional hotspot issues, they said. The U.S. strategic community does not agree with the so-called theory of the failure of U.S.-China engagement and wants the two sides to restart dialogue in various fields, promote cooperation, facilitate exchanges and prevent misunderstanding and miscalculation. In the face of geopolitical conflicts and global disorder, it is necessary for the United States and China to strengthen communications and jointly cope with global challenges, they said.

Wang Yi also had in-depth exchanges with the participants on issues of concern such as China-U.S. military exchanges, finance, science and technology, China’s investment environment, market access, the Middle East situation, and the Ukraine crisis.