Eleven journalists killed, over 20 injured in Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Eleven journalists killed, over 20 injured in Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Gaza, The Gulf Observer: Eleven journalists have been killed in Gaza, with more than 20 injured and two missing since the start of the recent Israeli air strikes, a Palestinian journalists group said in a new report.

According to the report released on Sunday by the Freedom Committee, affiliated with the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, 11 Palestinian journalists have been documented as killed by Israeli air strikes since October 7.

A statement by the group provided “documentation of the targeting of journalists” from the start of the war in Gaza until the evening of Oct. 15. It also decried “the violent escalation in the targeting of Palestinian journalists.”

Over 20 injuries were also observed, the most serious of which occurred in Gaza.

Following the announcement of the complete or partial shelling of approximately 20 homes belonging to journalists, the Israeli army escalated by targeting the residences of several journalists directly, according to the report.

In addition, approximately 50 headquarters and media institutions were destroyed as a result of shelling, including Al Aqsa Media Network, Ma’an News Agency, Al Quds newspaper, Baladna Radio, Zaman Radio, Al Quran Radio, the Al Jazeera Network office, Palestine TV, and the AFP news agency offices, according to the report.

In the occupied West Bank, the report also documented several Palestinian journalists being injured and the assault, detention, blocking of coverage, firing on journalists, and confiscation and destruction of journalists’ equipment by the Israeli forces.

The report also decried interference with media broadcasts. The report said: “The Al Aqsa channel ceased transmission via the Eutelsat satellite in response to the occupation’s pressure.”

The report also noted “direct threats to many journalists and campaigns of incitement by Israeli pages on social media platforms” and “many Israeli posts calling for the elimination of journalists and describing them as saboteurs and terrorists.”