Emirates Nature-WWF Launches “Nature’s Resilience” Summer Training Series

Emirates Nature-WWF Launches "Nature’s Resilience" Summer Training Series

Abu Dhabi, The Gulf Observer: Emirates Nature-WWF has announced the launch of its second free summer training series, “Nature’s Resilience,” aimed at enhancing the UAE community’s knowledge and skills in nature and environmental conservation.

Part of the Leaders of Change programme, this series is designed to empower nature enthusiasts and advocates with critical insights into environmental issues and sustainable solutions. Through 10 dynamic sessions, participants will embark on a virtual journey exploring the diverse ecosystems of the UAE, from the vast desert landscapes and hidden oases to freshwater habitats and coastal regions. The series aims to illuminate the intricate connections between biodiversity, climate change, and human well-being.

“Nature’s Resilience” features interactive masterclasses and workshops led by experts, offering a deep dive into the significance of biodiversity conservation and sustainable practices. Participants will learn how to mitigate climate change impacts and preserve the UAE’s natural heritage. Additionally, they will gain insights into supporting environmental experts and local conservation efforts. Those who complete at least seven sessions will receive a certificate recognizing their dedication to environmental conservation in the UAE.

“We are delighted to launch the Nature’s Resilience series, building on the success of last summer’s climate training series. Over ten weeks, we will explore the magnificent diversity of life that has adapted to thrive in UAE’s arid deserts, rocky mountainsides, winding wadis, and vibrant coastal lagoons – and how we can safeguard these beautiful, fragile places and the wildlife that calls them home,” said Arabella Willing, Head of Conservation Outreach and Citizen Science at Emirates Nature-WWF. “This series is very action-oriented, preparing the community to drive positive impact through citizen science and conservation field trips which will resume after the summer.”

Building on the popularity of last year’s Climate and Nature Series, which upskilled nearly 1,000 individuals and achieved a 98% satisfaction rating, “Nature’s Resilience” promises to be equally impactful. Last year’s participants engaged in seven events led by experts from Emirates Nature-WWF, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, and other organizations, contributing a total of 1,224 hours for nature. This year’s series will shift focus to the UAE’s unique biodiversity, highlighting rare and endangered species, pollinators, migratory and resident birds, and desert dwellers essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems.

For more information and to register for the “Nature’s Resilience” series, visit the Emirates Nature-WWF website.