Former Turkish lawmaker, lawyers files criminal lawsuit against Netanyahu

Former Turkish lawmaker, lawyers files criminal lawsuit against Netanyahu

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: A former Turkish lawmaker together with two lawyers have sent a petition to the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office asking it to file a lawsuit against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The prosecutor’s office on Wednesday processed the criminal complaint against Netanyahu submitted by Metin Kulunk, a former member of parliament from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), and lawyers Mucahit Birinci and Burak Bekiroglu.

The prosecutor’s office forwarded the petition, which requested Netanyahu to be tried for committing “crimes such as war, genocide and a crime against humanity in full view of the world,” to the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Foreign Relations and the European Union General Directorate.

“While the person subject to our application and request, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, commits the alleged crimes, he does not hesitate to use weapons prohibited by international standards,” the petition said.

“The crimes committed are indisputable. They are as solid as the grains of every tear shed by every person with a conscience, somethin g that humanity should not accept,” it added.

The petition also included photos of children who died and were injured in Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks.

Numerous criminal complaints have also been filed by Turkish citizens against Netanyahu and Israeli officials since the early days of Israel’s recent war on Palestinians in Gaza, and the petitions have been sent to the Justice Ministry for further action.

Kulunk’s petition called for Netanyahu and those acting with him to be tried together by the ICC within the framework of international criminal norms.

“This is essential to maintain humanity’s trust in the law and to prevent the perception of impunity. Otherwise, remaining silent about all these events will undermine humanity’s belief in the law and cast a shadow on the impartiality of the International Criminal Court,” it read.