Israel must be held accountable for atrocities: Hakan Fidan

Israel must be held accountable for atrocities: Hakan Fidan

Jeddah, The Gulf Observer: Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has expressed that Israel not being held accountable for its atrocities is wrong.

His remarks came at the extraordinary meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, which is taking place one day after over 500 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

“Collective punishment of all Palestinians cannot be accepted,” Fidan said during his address to the OIC meeting and called for Israel to be “held accountable for its atrocities”.

The foreign minister also condemned Israel’s moves to block humanitarian assistance to Palestine’s Gaza, calling it “unacceptable”.

“What’s happening in Gaza must stop,” Fidan said, adding that a “two-state solution in line with 1967 borders is the best way to permanently end the conflict”.

The foreign minister reiterated that Türkiye is “ready to push ahead with peace talks under the leadership of President Erdogan.”

Fidan also called for an end to the building of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian lands.

On Wednesday, Fidan also met his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah in Jeddah ahead of the meeting, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

Türkiye has excoriated Israel over the Israeli strike on the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Paelstine’s Gaza that killed over 500 people.

“Striking a hospital where there are women, children, and innocent civilians is the latest example of Israel’s attacks devoid of fundamental human values,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a post on X.

“I call on all humanity to take action to stop Israel’s unprecedented brutality in Gaza,” he added.

Footage showed corpses scattered across the hospital grounds.

Thousands of Palestinians were at the hospital when the building came under bombardment.

Israel has denied responsibility for the air raid, while numerous international actors called for an impartial investigation to prove who is culpable.

The air strike came on the 12th day of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, with a growing international chorus of non-governmental groups and world leaders saying the Israeli bombing campaign on the besieged enclave – including healthcare facilities, residences, and houses of worship – violates international law and may constitute war crimes.