Samarkand hosts the Verona Eurasian Economic Forum

Samarkand hosts the Verona Eurasian Economic Forum

Samarkand, The Gulf Observer: The XVI Verona Eurasian Economic Forum is being held at the “Silk Road Samarkand” Tourist Center.

The event, organized jointly with the Italian Association “Conoscere Eurasia” and the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is attended by representatives of large companies and international structures, businessmen from almost forty countries in Europe and Asia.

At the opening ceremony of the forum, greetings from the Presidents of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation were read out by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan J.Khojayev, and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation A.Overchuk.

The economic forum, which this time takes place in Samarkand, was founded in Verona (Italy) in 2007. Last year, this forum was held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“Today, Uzbekistan occupies an important place not only in Central Asia, but also in the Eurasian region”, said the President of the Association “Conoscere Eurasia” Antonio Fallico. “We chose Uzbekistan to host the forum because we believe in the potential of this country, which is becoming increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs. The current forum, bringing together hundreds of business people, politicians, cultural figures, journalists, analysts, and experts from almost 40 countries, will undoubtedly develop dialogue and cooperation with the business community and authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Greater Eurasia, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, has enormous potential, and the task of the forum is to put this potential at the service of creative and peaceful economic and cultural development”.

Representatives of Uzbekistan and international experts spoke about the role of Uzbekistan in the development of international economic relations, new mechanisms for trade, investment, and technological cooperation, and prospects for the development of raw materials and energy markets in modern conditions. The prospects for industrial and technical cooperation in the Eurasian space in restructuring logistics and transport routes, financial and banking services, agricultural development, and ensuring global food security were discussed.

During the two-day forum, new mechanisms for trade, investment, and technological cooperation between Eurasian countries, as well as prospects for the development of raw materials and energy markets, are discussed. The main thing is that the event creates ample opportunities for free dialogue, business contacts, and negotiations between entrepreneurs.

Several cultural events are also held as part of the forum. In particular, the festival of new Italian cinema N.I.C.E. was organized, thanks to which viewers became acquainted with the latest in Italian cinema. Famous Italian performers took part in the “Sanremo Stars” concert.

An exhibition of ceramics and pottery from Samarkand and Florence is also presented.