Türkiye first spacecraft to travel to moon in 2026

Türkiye's first spacecraft to travel to moon in 2026

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Türkiye aims to complete all processes for its first spacecraft developed with the Lunar Research Program (AYAP) within the scope of its National Space Program and launch the vehicle into space in 2026.

According to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TUBITAK), the country’s 10-year plans and targets were determined within the scope of the National Space Program.

The AYAP, as one of the first of the 10 programs announced, aims to carry out Türkiye’s first moon and deep space missions, making it one of the few countries with a presence on the moon.

The first phase of the AYAP aims to explore the moon from orbit and make first contact with the lunar surface, while the second phase aims to land a rover on the surface using the soft landing method.

Within the scope of the first phase of the AYAP, mission operations will be carried out by developing a spacecraft that will reach the lunar orbit from Earth, collect data from there and then contact the lunar surface.

In addition, with the success of the technologies, products, software and equipment to be developed with national resources, the country’s international reputation for system development and the ability to carry out challenging mission operations will be increased.