“A Place Called Silence” Continues to Lead Chinese Mainland Box Office

"A Place Called Silence" Continues to Lead Chinese Mainland Box Office

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Sam Quah’s latest crime thriller, “A Place Called Silence,” has maintained its lead at the Chinese mainland box office, earning over 111.5 million yuan (approximately 15.64 million USD) on Sunday, according to the China Movie Data Information Network.

The film, which delves into the topic of campus bullying, is projected to achieve a total gross revenue of 1.5 billion yuan, as per the film data platform Beacon. By its fifth day in theaters, the movie had amassed a cumulative total of 375 million yuan.

Since its release on July 3, “A Place Called Silence” has dominated the box office charts, maintaining a significant lead over other films.

Disney’s “Inside Out 2” and the domestic drama “Moments We Shared” secured the second and third spots, earning approximately 20 million yuan and 12 million yuan, respectively, on Sunday, marking their 17th and 16th days in theaters.

The total box office revenue on the Chinese mainland for Sunday stood at 182.1 million yuan.