Former Minister Murat Kurum Named AK Party’s Mayoral Candidate for Istanbul

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Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced the lineup of 11 metropolitan and 15 provincial mayoral candidates representing the AK Party in the upcoming March 31 local elections. Offering his best wishes to the selected candidates, President Erdogan revealed the nomination of Murat Kurum, AK Party Istanbul Deputy, for the position of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, according to the Turkish media.

This decision falls under the People’s Alliance, a political coalition. Murat Kurum previously held the role of Minister of Environment, Urbanisation, and Climate Change in the initial cabinet of the Presidential Government System from 2018 to 2023. The announcement was made during the AK Party Candidate Introduction Meeting at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul on Sunday.

President Erdogan underscored that the selection of candidates for the upcoming local elections is the result of thorough consultations, research, and evaluations. Highlighting their extensive experience in municipal governance, spanning 30 years with accumulated knowledge and expertise, he emphasized the AK Party’s proud history. Erdogan noted the party’s initiation of a new philosophy and practice of municipal governance since the elections on November 3, 2002, just 15 months after its establishment.

The AK Party demonstrated its competence in local governments before aspiring to govern the entire country. Erdogan emphasized the importance of complementing achievements and services in central administration with successes in municipalities for Türkiye’s Century.

He stated that voters are not obliged to support incompetence and presented the party’s mayoral candidates as individuals dedicated to their cities, focused on projects, and committed to public service. President Erdogan announced a grand ceremony on January 15 to unveil additional candidates and present their election manifestos.