G7 backs ‘humanitarian pauses’ in Gaza, refrains from calling for ceasefire

G7 backs 'humanitarian pauses' in Gaza, refrains from calling for ceasefire

Tokyo, The Gulf Observer: G7 foreign ministers have said that they supported “humanitarian pauses and corridors” in the Palestine-Israel war but refrained from calling for a ceasefire.

The group also said after talks in Japan that their support for Ukraine in its war with Russia “will never waver” while calling on China not to support Moscow in the conflict.

“We stress the need for urgent action to address the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We support humanitarian pauses and corridors to facilitate urgently needed assistance, civilian movement, and the release of hostages,” a joint statement said.

The ministers also “emphasise Israel’s right to defend itself and its people in accordance with international law as it seeks to prevent a recurrence” of the unprecedented Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7.

It added: “We call on Iran to refrain from providing support for Hamas and taking further actions that destabilise the Middle East, including support for Lebanese Hezbollah and other non-state actors, and to use its influence with those groups to de-escalate regional tensions.”