Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik presides over eighth session of Council of Oman

Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik presides over eighth session of Council of Oman

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik has presided over the opening of the first annual meeting of the eighth session of the Council of Oman in the Council building in Muscat Governorate.

His Majesty: “We meet with you on this day to open, with the help and success of the Almighty, the first annual session of the (eighth) session of the Council of Oman, beginning our meeting with praise to God for what He has bestowed.” May God bless our dear homeland with the blessings of security, stability and prosperity.”

His Majesty: “At the beginning of our meeting, we would like to thank all the efforts made and effective initiatives of the members of the Council of Oman during the past periods, and we pay tribute to the Council’s experience, and its integration with various state agencies, has been enhanced to enhance the effectiveness of national work, which we are keen to receive more attention and support, to help us achieve the targeted achievements, in order to implement the direction of We aim to achieve prosperity for our citizens.”

His Majesty: “We take advantage of this occasion to welcome the members of the Council of State, who were chosen by us from among the competencies of this nation. We also welcome the members of the Shura Council, who were chosen by voters, and using a modern technical method.”

His Majesty: “The continuous achievements over the past four years in the path of comprehensive development have had the people of Oman play the primary role in it, in addition to the efforts of various state institutions, which have worked to implement the plans, the paths of which we have drawn, according to a vision that aims, first and foremost, to advance the social sectors and preserve the gains that have been achieved.”

His Majesty: “Our country has been able to achieve good results and important achievements on the social, economic, and financial levels, despite the challenges faced by the global economy, which have had a negative impact on our economy and national programs. We have drawn up our plans in a carefully considered manner, with goals that meet the requirements of the present and seek to achieve sustainable growth, through proper management of our resources to reduce the burden of public debt, and we have directed a portion of the financial surpluses to support the social sectors and stimulate economic growth.”

His Majesty: “The Council of Oman is an essential partner in the state system, and this partnership places on you a great responsibility, so be responsible, keeping the country’s interest in mind guided in this by the principles of the basic system of the state and the laws regulating your work, and the powers granted to you by the Law of the Council of Oman.”