Tashkent hosts “Saint Petersburg & Tashkent” Photography exhibition

Tashkent hosts "Saint Petersburg & Tashkent" Photography exhibition

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: Tashkent House of Photography hosted the opening ceremony of the personal exhibition “Saint Petersburg & Tashkent” by the talented artist Anvar Usmonov. The exhibition features more than 100 paintings.

If the works presented at the exhibition are divided into two parts, the central part will consist of sketches about Saint Petersburg. Completed canvases can be called paintings dedicated to the old city of Tashkent and the mountainous territories of the country.

During his studies and advanced training in Saint Petersburg, the young artist was fascinated by the beautiful views of the city and captured them on canvas. The paintings are painted in oil, but at first glance, it seems they were done in watercolors. Conveying such a light, airy mood, skillfully applying strokes, and achieving harmony of color and composition require great skill and technical skills from the artist.

Reflecting the combination of ancient architectural buildings and Saint Petersburg’s nature increases the paintings’ value. Centuries-old monuments seem to be able to revive historical pages and allow the viewer to step over the pages of history.

Paintings about Tashkent also attract attention with the range and grace of colors, lines, and compositional solutions. Many of them display the oriental theme inherent in Uzbekistan. In works reflecting the seasons, the features of the times seem to be compared with different stages of a person’s life – youth is represented by bright shades of green, and wise old age is expressed through transparent, calm whiteness.