Biden’s Israel visit amounts to US approval of immense destruction in Gaza: Turkish FM

Biden's Israel visit amounts to US approval of immense destruction in Gaza: Turkish FM

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has criticised the United States, and the West in general, for their unconditional support for Israel in its relentless operations against Palestine’s Gaza.

“America is in full agreement to support Israel,” Fidan said in an exclusive interview with TRT Haber on Friday, stressing that President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel amounted to US approval of the immense destruction in Gaza.

He emphasised that while Israel is seeking revenge for its losses from the Hamas attacks on October 7, “its failure to pay attention to the civilian population while carrying out this retaliation, … and a choice to pursue a path of collective punishment should be a source of serious concern for humanity.”

The Hamas attacks serve as evidence of Israel’s wrongful policies, especially in failing to make peace with its neighbours, Fidan said, adding that Israel’s failure to accept a two-state solution with the Palestinians was “a strategic mistake from the beginning.”

“The pressure and oppression on the Palestinians, who are the main stakeholders in this issue, have become more systematic, widespread, and frequent. It was evident that this situation would eventually lead to an explosion,” Fidan explained.

The foreign minister also touched upon biases in the West’s manufactured reality, reminding that Western perception “supports one thing in Ukraine and another thing in Palestine.”

He continued to explain that “there is no policy-making based on universal moral norms, principles, values” in the West, where the continuous issue is “unconditional support for Israel in every matter.”

In contrast, Türkiye has been trying to demonstrate a viewpoint that prioritises the security and interests of both sides, Fidan emphasised.

“We need an atmosphere that provides a foothold for negotiations which enable a two-state solution that recognises the legitimate rights of Palestinians,” Fidan said, stressing that Türkiye is working to ensure that a peace agreement is reached.

The foreign minister warned that unless immediate steps are taken for a lasting peace, “a permanent war and instability awaits” the region.

“As Türkiye, we are doing our part and we will continue to do so. In this regard, we have an obligation to answer to our own people and to history,” he said.

Türkiye’s “deep-rooted state tradition, our historical stance, our values, our understanding of politics” leaves no room for remaining silent or denying the realities of the crisis, he added.

Fidan reiterated that Türkiye will continue to stand with its Palestinian sisters and brothers.

“I want them to know that we are doing everything we can … Our whole aid system, from state organs to non-governmental organisations, is putting forward an incredible effort to deliver aid to them,” he said. (Courtesy: TRT)