Chinese Education Minister Proposes Enhanced Cooperation at Astana Symposium

Chinese Education Minister Proposes Enhanced Cooperation at Astana Symposium

Astana, The Gulf At the international symposium on Higher Education Cooperation and Production Integration held in Astana, Chinese Education Minister Huai Jinpeng expressed China’s readiness to further cooperate with Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states. According to media reports, he proposed new avenues for educational collaboration, increased scholarships, and the development of digital education.

Minister Huai outlined three key initiatives for advancing cooperation. First, he emphasized the importance of exploring new methods for educational collaboration. Over the next three years, China plans to offer 1,000 international Chinese language teacher scholarships and 3,000 slots for Chinese language immersion summer camps.

Second, he proposed expanding the scale of educational initiatives by establishing SCO grants through the SCO master classes program. Third, he advocated for the joint launch of the SCO digital education architecture, aiming to integrate the latest technologies into education.

Minister Huai highlighted China’s willingness to share its expertise with SCO partners and collaborate on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital education, fostering an ecosystem grounded in cutting-edge technologies.

Notably, the symposium also marked the signing of a new educational agreement between the Ministers of Kazakhstan and China, commemorating the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan-China diplomatic relations and paving the way for enhanced educational cooperation.